Patient Forms

We're dedicated to providing the best care possible. To make your transition to our services seamless, we request you to fill out the necessary forms. This helps us understand you better and provide the right care tailored to your needs.

I feel my calls were answered in a prompt and courteous manner.
I feel the staff I spoke to were able to answer my questions, or direct me to the right person.
I was always billed promptly and correctly, and the billing was easily understood.
I feel the office was able to accommodate my schedule.
The staff was readily available to answer any insurance or billing questions I had.
The staff was efficient with the use of their time and mine.
The clinic was always clean and organized in appearance.
My Physical Therapist was knowledgeable about my injury and the appropriate treatment.
I was well educated about my injury.
I had a good understanding of my treatment, both in the clinic and at home.
My therapist addressed my concerns or questions promptly and professionally.
I was treated with courtesy and respect by the staff.
When I had a therapist other than my primary caregiver, they were well informed of my program.
I would recommend Kennedy Brothers Physical Therapy to my family and friends.
Any other comments?
Thank you for your valuable feedback!
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